Our Last Friday

As most of you know, Friday is one of Wes’s days off.  As a pastor, he works on Sunday… as you would well imagine.  So his off days are Friday and Saturday, and because our girls are in school on Friday, he and I get to blissfully spend the day together.  It’s like being married without children.  Bliss of a magnitude that neither of us can even remember all these years later, frankly.

Last Friday was our LAST Friday alone before the girls are out for summer break.  So, we began the day going on our long run together, which is always a treat.

Then, Wes had to go to work.  (A day is not always a day off.  Such is church work.)

But it was a quick trip back to work then home again, where I left him napping and went to go pick up the girls.  As I was sitting in line, he called me to tell me that he’d gotten a call from the school about Emma.  She had just bumped her head in the cafeteria while jumping around (typical Emma), fell to the floor (typical Emma), and required an ice pack for her bruised eye (typical Emma).  What a way to start the weekend, I thought.

It was only going to get better, though.

A few minutes later, I got a text from Wes, telling me that the dog just threw up.  AND THAT HE CLEANED IT UP HIMSELF.  (Him as in Wes, not Charlie.  Although, wow, that would be something worth writing about,  huh?)  This is a big, big deal, y’all, as I’m not sure Wes has ever cleaned up any of the gallons of barf that the Faulk children/fur children have produced over the years.  Kudos to Chuck for upchucking while I was away so that Wes could have the privilege of this inaugural puke clean up. 

As I was having a good laugh about this, Ana and Emma got into the car (prompting Ana’s teacher to tell me that she loves our girls but that she was REALLY glad the school year was done) and began telling me, in loud, screeching voices that overlapped one another ALL about their day —

— when we were rear ended.

Sigh.  What was that I said about a great start to the weekend?

And here’s where I brag on my husband.  Our wonderful, restful, relaxed, last Friday together quickly turned into his day to be our hero.  He came up, met us as we waited for the police, took care of all the insurance calls, managed to get our repairs approved, got us on schedule with the body shop, and treated us all to dinner afterwards because my nerves were all shot, what with Emma shouting, whenever we came near a red light or stop sign, “NO MORE CRASHING, MOMMY!”  Hey, that one crash wasn’t even my fault!

All this to say… hooray for Wes!  Running six miles, going to work, cleaning up Charlie puke, and saving the day.  All on his day off!  Back when I was single, I was certain that I could live alone my entire life and never “need” a man, but I have to tell you — I’m so thankful that God gave this one to me anyway, because he’s AMAZING.  Love this guy!

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