Faulkette Funnies

– Emma pointing to a package of sponges at the grocery store, “Are those dog pillows?”  Maybe for little dogs…

– Ana, after Wes told her if she was going to break her leg she needed to do it by doing something more worthwhile than jumping around the parking lot (a great thing to tell your kids, by the way), “What?  You want me to break the law?”  Huh?

– Ana to me, “Wow!  That dress makes you look as big as Papi!”  I think she meant “tall.”  And Wes is a trim guy.  BUT STILL.

– Me to Emma, “Wow, you look like a supermodel!”  Emma to me, “No, I look like an anaconda!”  Well, okay…

– Ana to me, “Who do you love best?”  Me to Ana, “Jesus.”  Ana to me, “Who else do you love?” Me to Ana, “Papi, you, and Emma.”  Ana to me, “And you love yourself, Mommy.”  Probably more than
 I should, yes.

– Ana to Wes, “You’re not a pastor’s wife.  You’re JUST a pastor.”  Exactly.

– Ana, regarding our two player soccer team’s strategy, “The plan is to kick the ball into the goal.” A few minutes later, “That plan was working… until Papi kicked the ball away from me.” I just love her!

– Ana, when she saw that a car dealership had balloons, “Will they give us a balloon if we buy a car?!”  Because that’s a good reason to buy a car.

Hope you have a great weekend!

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