Ten years ago today, I left Namibia.  (And, no, I wasn’t really flying the plane.  That picture was from a trip to Luderitz where, once again, I wasn’t really flying the plane.)

I can hardly believe it’s been an entire decade since I had my flip flopped feet in the sand there in Swakopmund.  Time has passed so, so quickly.

To celebrate this anniversary of sorts, I’m doing a giveaway.  If you would like to win a copy of Different Stars (which is set in Namibia), please share either this link or this link on your Facebook wall or Twitter feed.  For an extra entry, comment here and tell me what you were likely doing ten years ago today.  Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

I’ll announce a winner on Friday. 

Happy reading, friends!

5 thoughts on “Giveaway!

  1. {amy} says:

    Wow, the format on that comment ended up wonky! Sorry about that! Ten years ago today…It may not have been this date, but it was sometime this week when my son said he wanted to potty like his sister, decided he was done with diapers, and threw his away while running errands! I had around 6 weeks to get him potty-trained before leaving for my first mission trip since having kids. {He would only potty for ME, so I was really concerned that he wouldn't go for his granddparents while Chris & I were gone for a week. He did SUPER and only had one accident while we were gone!}


  2. Gina Padilla says:

    I was doing the same thing I am doing now taking care of my kids and crocheting stuffed animals.
    Love that in order to make this comment I have to prove I'm not a robot, I'm not to sure I'm not one 😉


  3. kpcheng says:

    I know exactly where I was this week 10 years ago. I was in Frankfurt, Germany debriefing about 75 crazy college students who just finished their first mission trip on multiple continents. I was dating the last boyfriend I had before my husband, a boyfriend who would turn out to be incredibly opposite of “right” for me but who has ended up marrying a wonderfuly “right” person for him and is overseas himself now with a cutie little curly-haired baby. I had NO idea at the time that I was about to be dumped and about to leave missionary staff indefinitely (the job I had dreamt of for years). But I also didn't know that I was going to marry the most amazing man I've ever known in just 2 years, and become the mother of 2 incredible children (a job I almost never dreamt of having). In other words, 10 years ago today, I was a week from experiencing 2 excruciating heartaches, but 10 years from a moment when I find I'm in awe of how wonderfully He works all things for the good….


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