The SBC Begins!

Ahh… the Southern Baptist Convention.  Does anything say summer like spending your days listening to motions and resolutions while you hold yellow ballots up in the air?

I wouldn’t have thought so a few years ago, but ever since we were fortunate enough to go to the 2012 Southern Baptist Convention in New Orleans, we’ve been looking forward to this new summer tradition of being messengers for our church.  We were super excited when we found out that the 2013 convention would be held in Houston, making it possible for us to go up to the meetings on day trips and giving us the extra “edge” in scouting out the area because, hey, this is OUR town.

Theoretically, at least.

We began the convention with the two day Pastors’ Conference.  I’ll begin describing this event by telling you, not for the first time and not for the last time, that I had no intention of ever becoming a pastor’s wife.  EVER.  And I know a lot of pastors’ wives say that, but, y’all, I mean it.  I was pretty certain that if I ever got lucky enough to get married that I would make a great missionary wife or a wonderful helpmeet to a man in some type of parachurch ministry.  But the pastorate?  Not so much.

But nine years into marriage to a pastor, I am convinced that God did indeed know what He was doing, and I’m never more convinced than when I go to events like this and everything that’s said and done resonates with me.  I love hearing from those who are farther along the ministry road than we are who can speak to what we go through and where we are, even as we’re just beginning to tread some of these trails and paths along the way.  I know that the SBC in general gets really bad press for their views on women in ministry, but I can tell you, as someone who was once angry and bitter about this, that I’ve never felt more valued or esteemed as a woman in ministry as I do at these events.  These SBC events, y’all.  I know, right?  Ministry is certainly not about being appreciated or made much of, but the speakers, the worship, the fellowship, and the message of the conference was an affirming one, not only to pastors but to their wives as well.  SOOOO thankful for a denomination that values pastors’ wives and the vital ministry they have as they support and do ministry alongside their husbands! 

That said, Sunday evening was great.  We heard some great speakers and were really challenged and encouraged all at the same time.  As we were leaving for the evening, we ran into two different, familiar people… and, y’all, we could NOT figure out who either of them were!  After shaking hands and pretending like we knew just exactly where we knew these guys from, we figured it out and marveled over this, as neither of these guys were connected in any way, shape, or form and as they are from two entirely different parts of the country.  It’s a small Southern Baptist world after all!

To be continued…

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