It Happens

So… I was supposed to announce the winner of the giveaway on Friday, wasn’t I? 

Well, life happened, and as a result, the announcement didn’t happen.  That said, THANK YOU to all who posted on Twitter, who shared the link on Facebook, and who commented on the blog!  I was so excited to see the response!  And as for the giveaway, congratulations to Kristy Swaim!  I’ll be getting your book in the mail ASAP…

As for the delay, we had the craziest weekend ever.  I got a call on Wednesday night from my sister, who let me know that my grandmother was in the hospital, had been in the hospital for a while, and wasn’t doing well.  For those who know Texas geography, I’m in Houston, my family is Alvarado  (in the Dallas/Fort Worth area), and last week, my girls were in San Antonio.  We had the map covered, y’all!  We had planned on having my in-laws in town with the girls on Friday, but on Thursday morning, Wes and I headed up to Alvarado to be there with my family as things progressed from bad to worse.  We ended up staying through Saturday, came home to meet up with our girls (hooray!), and went on with Sunday as normal.  Things are at a “wait and see” point with my grandmother, so we are, as you would imagine, “waiting and seeing” how this week progresses before we make decisions on when to head back up there. 

I’m going to attempt to get back to normal blogging, but if I disappear again, you can assume that I’m in Alvarado. 

Up next… I finally finish the longest recap of the Southern Baptist Convention ever written.  Not that the recap itself was long, but I stretched it out over a week, y’all.  I know you’ve been waiting with great anticipation for the final day!  (It may include a picture of Wes with a gun.  Guns and Southern Baptists — that’s worth reading, right?)

Until then…

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