On the Book Front…

So, I posted a picture of the front cover of my third book, Best Day Ever, over on Facebook the other day.  And almost immediately, I started getting messages, texts, and calls from people asking, “What?!  A third book?!”

Yes, there’s a third book.  (And isn’t that a pretty cover?!  It really fits the story, too.  Best. Cover. EVER!)

The anticipated publication date for this one is September 1, 2013.  It follows the storylines from Resolutions and Different Stars, although like I said with the last one, you don’t have to read them in order or read them all to figure out what’s happening in the story.  But you’ll be in the know if you do, and isn’t being in the know an awesome feeling?

For those who are curious, Book Number Four and Book Number Five are both nearing the status of “complete first draft.”  Both will be about 250 pages long and will, yes, follow some of the same characters you’ve gotten glimpses of in the other books.  I anticipate publishing Number Four in December 2013 and Number Five in March 2014.  Wes is also encouraging me to release a novella on Kindle during the fall for a “bargain basement price.”  Which seems a bit ambitious at this point, but hey, finishing that first book seemed ambitious at this time last summer.  So, maybe it’ll happen!

I’ve been learning a lot in this publishing process, and I’m rather astonished to confirm that even after you’ve figured everyone you possibly know could have already bought and read your first book, there are still people out there buying it.  People I don’t even know — what a shock!  As long as I can keep writing (and what’s more, as long as it’s still as fun and thrilling for me as it is right now), I might as well keep on putting books out there, right?


If you’re on Goodreads, please go on over and show some love for Best Day Ever.  I’ll update you with more details on it the closer we get to September and will, of course, give you some teasers for those next two books as the months go by. 

Happy reading, friends!

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