Emma’s 6th Birthday

Dear Emma,

Six years ago today, I was screaming my ever lovin’ head off in a delivery room in Okinawa, Japan because you were coming faster than you were supposed to.  The doctor was shocked, the midwives were shocked, the whole classroom full of nursing students who were observing (oh, the mortification) were shocked, Papi was shocked, and you, sweet Emmy bear?  Were most shocked of all when I pushed one last time and they plopped you right onto my chest.  You barely gave a cry at all, and when I said your name and put my hands right to your sweet face, you looked at me, with an expression that clearly read, “What was THAT?!”

From that moment on, you were perfectly pleasant, waking up at just the right times to eat, falling asleep so peacefully, and never really crying — just watching everyone around you with something of befuddled wonder.

And then?  Then you started smiling earlier than babies normally start smiling.  And what a treat it was for us during those lonely days in Japan to see you smile and to hear you laugh.  You were our very wonderful surprise, and you have been, ever since, one wonderful surprise after another.

I love your sweet spirit, your sense of humor, and your kind, compassionate heart.  I love that you’ve never met a stranger, that you LOVE to talk, and that you think an afternoon is best spent with as many of your limbs touching the person next to you as is humanly possible.  I love that you’re more social than the rest of us and that you love being around people.  I love that you love Jesus and that you know that He loves you.  I love that you love being a girl and that you think princess dresses are appropriate for any occasion.  I love that you love being Emma Ruth Faulk.

I hope you have a wonderful sixth birthday.  I’m so proud to be your mommy, and I love you so much.


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