We Went to WDW!

We’re back!  After a week at the Happiest Place on Earth, we’ve returned home with two years’ worth of laundry. How is it possible that we wore that much clothing in a week?  I don’t know.  It’s Disney magic, still at work!

I’m getting everything around Casa Faulk back in order while trying to keep my children from murdering one another.  There was a lot of family closeness on this trip, and Ana is done with being close to Emma now that we’re back.  I’m done myself and told Wes at the conclusion of this trip that now, he and I need a getaway together to recoup from this.

It ain’t gonna happen, y’all.

So… we’ll make do with what we have, do the laundry, break up girl fights, and get back to normal life.  That will include blogging.  Eventually.  I plan on recapping our trip, which includes plenty of Faulkette funnies, adventures in the New Fantasyland, and tales of vomit catching.  Because it isn’t a Disney vacation unless Emma spews at some point. (This time, she did it on a ride.  Wheee!!!!)

Until then, you should totally head on over to Amazon on Monday and BUY THIS BOOK FOR ONLY $.99!  Can you tell that I’m super excited about it?  I am.  I know that I have a hard time rationalizing a regular-priced book purchase from a writer that I don’t know, figuring that I will have wasted money if I get a couple of chapters in and absolutely hate her writing.  However, I’m all about purchasing really inexpensive books that allow me to be introduced to a writer and her work.  If any of this describes you and your hesitation to purchase either of my first two books at their regular prices, let me tell you — this novella is for YOU.  Short and sweet, entirely characteristic of how I write, and exactly the right price.  You should totally buy it and see what you think!  (And then, you should rush out and buy the other two books.  Because you’re going to love this story.  Just sayin.)

And for those of you who’ve read my books and were wanting more?  Well, I’d love it if you’d “pick up where the story left off” and get your copy of Just Breathe.  And then, pass along the word to others who might enjoy the story as well.  Friends, family, random strangers — it’s all good!

Thanks for reading, y’all!  On my way to break up another girl fight…

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