Faulkette Funnies

Some Faulkette funnies to brighten your Monday morning…

Me to Emma at bedtime, “Your room is so clean!”  Emma to me, “Yeah, that’s because I played in Ana’s room today.”  And Ana’s room was NOT so clean.  Oh, well.

Ana, after riding her bike two miles, “Wow, I stink now. Just like you!” I think she forgot to add “after a run.” Or at least, I hope she did.

Emma to me, “When you’re old, I will cook for you.”  Before I could tell her this was very sweet, she added, “Because you will be babysitting my kids for me.”  Well, at least I’ll be compensated for my hard work.

Ana, after hearing about a Twinkie race (where you eat Twinkies on the course), “Do they throw Twinkies at you as you run by?”  Either way, sounds like my kind of race!

Emma, kissing Wes after I told her how kissing him makes me feel all warm and fuzzy, “I don’t feel anything.”  Oh, well.  Papi will just have to live with being MY love, not yours.

Ana, regarding Shark Week on TV, “When is Goldfish Week?”  I’m with you, Ana.  So tired of the shark shows…

Emma to Wes, “Remember that time we went to Pizza Hut in Oklahoma, and there were no empty tables for us to sit at?”  Wes to Emma, “You remember that far back?”  Emma to Wes, “Yeah!”  Wes to Emma, “What did you learn about at church today?”  Emma, after a pause, “I don’t remember.”  Pizza Hut — yes.  Scripture — not so much.

Hope your week is off to a great start!

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