Pre-Order Best Day Ever!

Chloe Thibideaux is running out of options.  College didn’t work out.  Her parents took away all of her credit cards.  And her social life?  Yeah, that fell completely apart through no fault of her own.  Homeless, alone, and in serious need of some retail therapy, she’s forced to beg her brother, Beau, and his wife, Melissa, to let her stay with them until she can figure out what she’s going to do with the rest of her life.

As she discovers abilities, talents, and dreams she never knew she had before, she begins to learn about who she is and who she can be in Christ.  With the help of her new community of friends, which includes the “smokin’ hot” Pastor Stephen, Chloe is becoming someone completely new… but will her past keep her from all that God has in store for her?

Well, friends, we are less than TWO WEEKS out from the release of Best Day Ever!  Yippee!

This story has been complete for a good, long while, and I recently read it again, only to discover that I love it even more now than I did when I originally finished it.  Chloe is the best character ever (seriously), and her story was so much fun to write.  I was so glad to get to revisit other characters that you’ll remember from Resolutions and Different Stars, and I’m so happy to let you see what’s happening with them as the bigger story continues on.  I hope you’ll LOVE it!

The book will go live on Amazon in both Kindle edition and paperback edition on September 1st.  I will also have a very limited number of signed copies to sell personally.  You can begin the preorder process for your own signed copy of the book by going here.  You’ll want to do that ASAP, though, because when I say “very limited”?  I mean, VERY limited.  I’m trying to keep my house from becoming a book factory this time around! 

So excited to process your pre-orders, starting today, and even more excited to get those books out to you ASAP!

Happy reading, friends!

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