From Bugs to Towels

The other night, I came in from a run to find one of the girls’ bathroom towels on the kitchen table.  Emma was sitting there coloring, so I asked her the obvious question…

“Why is your towel on the table?”

She sighed and looked at me.  “Well, Mommy, it was like this.  There was a bug in Ana’s room.”  (“Bug” here was accompanied by giant hand motions.)  “And I thought it was DEAD, you know.  And so I went to get some toilet paper and pick it up so I could THROW it away.  But when I touched it?  It MOVED!  It was not dead.”  Then, looking at me and blinking.  “It was not DEAD, Mommy.”

Then, she went right back to coloring. 

Um… what?

“That doesn’t explain anything,” I said.  “Why is your towel on the table?”

And again she sighed and looked at me.  “Really, Mommy?”  Like I was making a joke!

Wes tells me that there is some great logical leap I wasn’t making from dead bug to bathroom towel.  And that in Emma’s head?  It all makes perfect sense.

I’d love to see what’s going on in her head just once, wouldn’t you?

God bless those Faulkettes for putting up with the idiots around them!

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