Accountability a la Ana

For the past year and a half, I’ve been part of an online group of women called Hello Mornings.

The goal of the group is accountability to get up in the morning, get in the Word of God, and get prepared for the day before our day officially begins.  (And for me?  The day officially begins when two certain girls wake up.)

I’ve been encouraged and challenged by the group through the transition of moving to Texas, then moving to a new home, then starting a new school year, then having long summers full of events… etc, etc, etc.  I’ve needed the accountability and have gained friendships from the group that I wouldn’t have formed otherwise.  I’ve been so thankful for these ladies and for the encouragement that they’ve brought to my life during this season.

But I haven’t been doing so great at getting up here lately. 

Fortunately, my own personal Hello Mornings accountability group just gained an extra Christ-loving lady. 
I present to you Ana Faulk.

As many of you know, our sweet Ana became a believer this past Easter, and it’s been very humbling to see how seriously she takes knowing Christ.  We’ve been teaching her that she needs to start her day by reading her Bible and praying, and as a type-A personality, she’s been militant (lol!) about it.  Yesterday was the first day of school, so she knew she’d need to be up early to get it all done.  And how.  At 4:30 in the morning, she was knocking on our bedroom door, telling Wes that she wanted to come out to the living room where he studies and read her Bible alongside him.  He thought he convinced her to sleep a little longer, but when he came back from his run, he went to get her out of her room to read with her, only to find that she was already sitting up in bed, fully dressed, reading her Bible by herself. 

She got tired of waiting for you to meet the Lord with her, Papi, and went on with worship.

Meanwhile, Emma and I were still asleep and had to drag ourselves out of bed with no time to spare, freaking out about not getting it all done.  Clearly, I ROCK this Hello Mornings thing, y’all. 

I share this to say that I’m TOTALLY not on the ball with giving God my best and keeping first things first, especially here lately. 

But I’m completely convinced that if my seven year old can manage to make time spent with Jesus a priority, surely I can, too.

Thanks for the accountability, my sweet, sweet sister in Christ…

3 thoughts on “Accountability a la Ana

  1. Sarah W. says:

    “She got tired of waiting for you to meet the Lord with her, Papi, and went on with worship.”…….wow, this gave me chills! What a girl!! We all have something to learn from little Ana. 🙂


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