Christ Changes Everything

So, I finally caught up with the rest of America yesterday and watched Miley Cyrus’s VMA performance.

Frankly?  I don’t see what’s got everyone up in arms.

Yes, it was racy.  Yes, it was vulgar.  And, yes, for those who remember a sweet little Hannah Montana, it was sad.

But as far as it being that much more shocking than what’s already out there?  It’s just more of the same.

We live in a culture where women are objectified.  Our own fault, men’s fault, or a little bit of both?  Who really knows, but that’s the situation.

We live in a culture where lewd behavior from men is not nearly as demonized as lewd behavior by women.  Pretty sure Miley was getting all nasty up on some guy (in a pin-striped, pimp suit, no less), and I haven’t heard anyone talk about him.

We live in a culture where women get attention for being skanks, frankly.  I would give you an example of a young woman in Hollywood who is famous despite (or even because of) her innocence, but… I can’t think of a single example right now.

We live in a culture where girls as young as mine are encouraged, subtly at least, to be sexy.  Don’t believe me?  Explain to me WHY a company as mainstream as Hanes is trying to sell my six year old bikini cut style panties with flirty little sayings written all over them. (Because they are.)

We live in a culture where “romance” literature includes a wide variety of sexual deviance, passed off as normal.  Don’t believe me?  Search “romance” on Amazon and see what kind of bestsellers (yes, bestsellers) pop up.  

We live in a culture where a woman who trusts a man to lead, protect, and provide for her is criticized for “needing a man.”  (Happens to me every single day, people.  It really does.)  We live in a culture where you’re praised for distrusting all men because that’s “smart.”

We live in a culture where no one can trust anyone.

We live in a LOST culture.

And as we carry on and on and talk about how awful the VMAs are, how we need to teach our daughters better than Miley’s parents taught her, how we need better role models for girls, how we need to stop filling our lives with so much trash… well, that’s all good and well, but we’re not going to change the culture by what we do.

Only Christ can change our culture.

Only Christ can change us.

As I’m tempted to just throw my hands up and scream because I’m living in this culture, as I love and trust a man who lives in this culture, and as I’m raising up two girls to live in this culture, I have to remember that CHRIST CHANGES EVERYTHING.

And I need to stop trying to change the culture and start praying that Christ will change people.  And that Christ will change me.

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