Faulkette Funnies

Wow. The last couple of posts have been HEAVY.  We all need a laugh, right? 

Here are some Faulkette funnies to make that happen…

Emma, when we asked her if she got in trouble at school, “Not today!”  There’s always tomorrow, though.

Ana, on being a second grader, “I am so close to being a grown up now.”  Only another ten years or so…

Emma to me, “Did you marry Papi because you loved him or because you were bored?”  Should’ve answered “bored” just to see what her response would’ve been.

Ana, when Charlie’s collar slipped off, “He’s more nekkid than usual.”  He’s scandalous!

Emma, when I called our backyard a yard (because it is), “Mommy, this is Charlie’s Poo Poo Garden.”  Well, that does make it sound more magical. (And it is indeed filled with…)

Ana, when Emma asked what happens when you finally get your high school diploma, “Then, you can run free, Emma.”  Run, Emma, run!

Emma to Ana, “I love a new boy.  He has blue fur and googly eyes.”  Me to Emma, cracking up at my own joke, “Does he love cookies?  Because that sounds like Cookie Monster!”  Emma and Ana, both watching me like I’m an idiot, “No.”  Perhaps I didn’t hear them right…. or maybe I am an idiot.  This is becoming more and more of a possibility the older the girls get, you know.

Ana to me, “How much does it cost to go visit someone in jail?”  Me to Ana, “Nothing… but why are you asking?  You don’t know anyone in jail.”  Emma to me, “Well, maybe when she’s a grown up, she will know someone who is in jail.”  Wow.  Let’s hope so, right?

Emma to me, horror on her face as she watched the Fresh Beat Band and those little kids they dress up and have dance along with the band, “Marina and Twist and Kiki and Shout hafta be married, Mommy!  Because there are all these KIDS that look JUST LIKE THEM!”  When I tried to say that maybe they just found kids that look like them to dance around, she yelled, “NO!  MARRIED!”  Then, she started tearing up.  I present to you a feverish child’s response to the Fresh Beat Band.

Ana to Emma, “No school today. It’s Martin Labor Day!” Take two school holidays, cram them into one.

Wes to Ana, “What country is Hollywood in?”  Ana to Wes, “Alabama!”  Wrong in more ways than one.

Ana to me, on the subject of the bouncy house at AWANA registration night, “Everyone will be so excited!  Because who DOESN’T love a bounce house, right?”  Me to Ana, “Yep.”  Ana to me, “I know!  Right?!”  Oh, just when I think you’re all Wes, you start talking just like me, sweet bear…

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