Head of Marketing

I met with Ana’s teacher last week at parent orientation. After hearing about classroom policies and all that’s up ahead this year in second grade, we were able to visit and talk about how Ana is doing. 

Ana is sweet, quiet, very determined to figure out the Spanish, and a good reader.  Things I already could have guessed going into the meeting.  What I couldn’t have guessed, though, was that she’s an excellent saleswoman.

Her teacher told me that the class was going over the parts of a book the other day and that when they got to the dedication page, Ana raised her hand.

“That’s the dedication page,” she said.  “My mommy wrote a book and dedicated it to me. You can buy all of my Mommy’s books on Amazon Kindle.”

Who needs a marketing team when you’ve got a second grader who’s able to turn conversations into sales opportunities like that?

Officially naming Ana my Head of Marketing…

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