Wes Funnies


Because the girls got their funny from someone, right?

– Me to Wes, after seeing a commercial about a “Mom Cave,” where soup is served, “You want me to come up with a Mom Cave where you can get soup?”  Wes to me, “That would be weird.”  Me to Wes, “No, because I would be the mom in that Mom Cave.”  Wes to me, “Well, then it would be a Wife Cave.  A Smokin’ Hot Wife Cave.  Which is what our house already is.”  Just in case you were wondering, that was the right answer to the question I was asking.  (Actually, it was the right answer to any question.)

– Wes, looking at Ana’s second grade spelling list, “Yeah, I need spell check for these words.”  Praise God for spell check.

– Me to the girls, after they kept kicking the legs of the table at dinnertime, “The next person to kick the table has to go and eat their dinner outside like a dog.”  Another kick, from Wes, who smiled and said, “I wanna go outside and eat dinner like a dog.”  This just encouraged MORE kicking.  Thanks, Papi.

– Wes, telling me about his elementary age crushes, “You don’t even know about all of them.  I was a player.”  A regular playground player, I’ll bet.

– Wes, looking at Ana’s spelling words, “Mono.  Hey, that’s what you get when you kiss a lot of girls!”  Ana to Wes, “Papi, why would you get a monkey when you kiss a lot of girls?”  Yeah, Papi, that’s a Spanish spelling list.  Now, explain French kissing to your seven year old.

– Wes to me, when I asked him if he liked my attempt at Szechuan beef stir fry, “Well, I’m eating it, aren’t I?”  This is a ringing endorsement from the man who once ate sheep brains because they were served to him.  (We both did, unfortunately.  We were praising God that sheep have tiny brains.)

– Wes, when Ana asked him to check her spelling words, “Yeah, you better let Mommy do that.”  Just like you let Mommy explain the French kissing.  Thanks, Papi.

– Wes, after giving Emma her eardrops, “How many drops was she supposed to get?”  Me to Wes, “Just five.  Did she get that?”  Wes to me, “Oh, way more than that… how long was this bottle supposed to last us?”  Emma to me, “Can Papi give me my drops every time?  He was SUPER fast!”  Sigh.

Hope you have a great weekend!

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