Faulkette Pics

Ana, Emma, and I were looking through old pictures yesterday.  We were laughing about how cute they were as babies when we noticed something… none of the pictures of the three of us together were any good!  Just look at these…

Just awful.  I blame this on the fact that Emma was two days old and I was just beginning to figure out that with a newborn and a one year old, I would never be able to sleep again.  No, seriously.  Never ever, y’all.
It looks like I managed a shower and brushed my hair before this one was taken.  Winning!
Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for this one.  But, hey, one of the girls was looking at the camera!
We moved back to the US… and our pictures together were still horrible!
Yeah, things were crazy enough that the ironing board just stayed out 24-7.  Sweet Emmy was trying to make the picture pretty, though!  (Ana was not.)
Seriously, Ana?  (Notice that I’m not even paying attention anymore.  And I’m just hangin’ around the in-laws’ house in my jammies.  Because my everyday wardrobe was all jammies, all the time.)
I know that life with two children under two was hard… but, Wes, WHY did you let me leave the house with my hair like this?!   (Ana looks good, though.  And at least I’m not in my jammies!)
Happy birthday, Mom.  Just pathetic, y’all.
I was wearing makeup!  I was going to hold these children in a death grip so as to get a picture of myself actually wearing makeup for the first time since becoming a mother!
And here’s where I finally gave up.  (Not really.  There are still five more years of awful pictures after this one.  Seriously.  Come over, and I’ll show you!)
Just looking at those pictures wears me out.  Thankful for the sweet memories of those crazy days… and thankful that now, we’re into a whole new kind of crazy. 
Still, though.  They’re worth every crazy moment and every awful picture.  Love these girls!

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