Who’s THAT Guy?!


Best moment ever at church last week.

I got the girls to the church and down to the fellowship hall for the Wednesday night meal without getting a chance to see Wes, which is what happens most (okay, all) Wednesday nights.  I had seen him before work and then during his lunch break, of course, but I left to run some errands before he went back to the church for the afternoon.

As I was sitting there, trying (unsuccessfully) to get Emma to sit down and eat, I noticed someone in the room that I didn’t know.  He had his back to us, and I hadn’t seen him come in, since I was so preoccupied with getting Emma to (again) sit down and eat.  He was standing around chatting with people across the room, and… well, frankly, looking really, really cute.

New guy at church, I thought to myself.  And he’s HOT!  Then, because I’m married (to the pastor, no less), I averted my curious little beady eyes away from the new, hot guy and reprimanded myself for even thinking anything in the first place.

You ever heard the saying that you can’t help but look once but you make the choice to look again?  I can’t help but notice an attractive man now and then, but I sure do make the choice to not notice him again if I can help it.  And it’s something that has been relatively easy to do these nine years of marriage because I love Wes so much and think he’s about the cutest guy in the world.

So, as I was attempting to NOT look at this new guy… the new guy walked right over to our table.  Out of the corner of my eye, I could see him pick up the drink I had brought for Wes and actually drink some of it. The gall of that hot, hot man, y’all!  Being all distracting with his cute self and drinking my man’s drink!

I glanced up at him, likely with my stink face on (it’s an ugly face, y’all) and broke out in a grin when I saw that the new guy at church…. was Wes.

Aww.  And WOO, WOO!

He gave me an odd look right back, as I said, with no small measure of disbelief, “Wow, you look nice!”  See, Pastor, this is what happens when you wear clothes that actually fit your marathon-running body and when you use a little bit of hair gel.  “Seriously, I was feeling all convicted looking at you earlier, thinking you were some stranger that I shouldn’t be checking out!”

I think he probably felt a little insulted.

But in my way of thinking?  He should be feeling really, really good about himself right about now.  You know?

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