Espanol Ana

To get to Coach’s surprise birthday party this past weekend, we had to leave Houston in time to get to San Antonio, which meant taking the girls out of school a little early.

Emma was easy enough to locate and reunite with in the office, but Ana, because she was at recess far away from the portable building where second grade dual language has class, was harder to get there.

Once she arrived, she had her Spanish teacher with her.  What you probably don’t know about dual language at Pasadena ISD is that the students don’t know that the Spanish teacher can speak English.  (And in some cases, that the English teacher can speak Spanish.)  This forces all the students to speak in their second language because they honestly think the teacher can’t understand them either way. 

Brilliant, actually.

But it makes for a tough situation with your white mommies (like me!) who REALLY don’t understand Spanish and need to talk with the teacher while the student is present. 

Ana’s Spanish teacher came in with her, saw me sitting there, and began to speak with me… in Spanish that is far above anything I learned back at Ye Olde U of H.  (Only needed to squeeze by with a few semesters of Spanish.  And that’s all I did, y’all.)  I blinked at her a few times and opened my mouth to offer an idiotic, “Que?!,” when she turned to Ana and repeated herself. 

And Ana, who tells me that she doesn’t know any Spanish at all, said, “Si, si…  Mommy, she just said that we couldn’t get my backpack from the room because the door was locked and the key wasn’t working.  She wants to know if I need anything that was in my backpack or if it can wait until Monday.”

Well color me shocked, y’all.  She DOES know some Spanish after all!

So excited to see and hear how this dual language thing is working!

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