Instead of Blogging…

My blogging?  Has been hit or miss here lately.  I had a great streak of blogging daily for a while, and though I had hoped it would last… well, it hasn’t.


But there are some very good reasons for that.

The most important “thing” keeping me from blogging has been reading.  Loads and loads of it, along with math homework, spelling practice, and a whole lot of adjusting and adapting how we do all of these things, thanks to our sweet Emmy bear.  I’ve been spoiled with Ana, who does her homework without much help or supervision (I only check it when she’s done), and it has honestly taken me this long to get into a routine with Emma, who requires a little more attention.  They’ve started her testing at school to see what we’re dealing with, and in the process, I’m determined to do everything humanly possible on my end to get her where she needs to be.  She does great with her math and her Spanish, but her reading and her writing has been a struggle.  Since we’ve been working with her, she’s moved up another level in her reading and has done great with her AR tests.  But it’s been WORK, y’all.  For her and for us.  So proud of how hard she works at staying focused and on task as we sit down together every afternoon and evening.

The other thing keeping me from the blog is that insane marathon schedule.  Actually, it’s not a marathon schedule.  It’s a 5K, 10K, half marathon, and full marathon, all in four days, schedule.  Training for the Dopey Challenge has been a step above our normal marathon training.  So much so that I told Wes I would feel like we were taking it easy if we “only” had a marathon on the horizon.  Our weekly mileage has gone from maybe fifteen miles on a good week to 40+ miles every week with two long runs back to back.  I’m not sure what recovery or a rest day really feels like anymore because I am, literally, ALWAYS tight and sore.  I think this will be our one and only time to do this Dopey Challenge.

And the last thing holding my attention is the book that’s set to release in December.  I’m trying to do the final revision on it before the end of October so that the entire month of November can be spent concentrating on NaNoWriMo.  I may end up scrapping NaNoWriMo formally, though, as I won’t be writing anything the last week of the month when we’re out of town celebrating Thanksgiving.  We’ll see how far I can get during the first half of November!

So there was a very boring blog post explaining where I’ve been.  I’ve been reading, running, and writing.  A lot.  Hope to get back to some regular blogging one of these days, y’all!

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