Faulkette Funnies

Some Faulkette Funnies for your Friday…

Ana to Emma, “Back when I was your age, that’s the way we did it.”  Yeah, back when Ana was your age, Emma.  You know, last year.

Em to me, regarding books and characters, “Jesus is non-fiction.”  I need to trademark this phrase now before some Christian band tries to steal it from us!

Ana to me, regarding my age, “Oh, you were born in the age before Mariokart.”  Actually, I was not… oh, yeah, I was.  (Before even the FIRST advent of Mariokart!)

Em to me, “Who will be my mother-in-law one day?”  Me to Em, “She’ll be the mommy of the boy you marry.”  Em to me, “Well, that’s scary.”  It very well may be.

Ana to me, when she has an extra thought after a conversation is already over, “Oh, and P.S., I had one more thing to tell you!”  Dear Ana, you’re awesome. P.S. No, really, you are.

Em to me, “Did you wear glasses when you were a little girl?”  Me to Em, “Yes.”  Em to me, “Were you smart?”  Me to Em, “Yes.”  Em to me, after a pause, “You were a nerd, weren’t you, Mommy?”  Guilty as charged.

Ana, when her teacher asked the class how they might find some new books to read, “We could ask our Moms to buy us Kindle Fires.”  Notice how Ana told me about this later so as to drive home her point even more.

Em to me, regarding a teacher at her school, “She’s not just a teacher.  She’s the queen of the school.”  I want to shake this teacher’s hand for coming up with this because she has forever won Emma’s adoration and respect in doing so!

Hope you have a great weekend!

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