When You Get Married…

The girls and I went to a wedding shower this weekend.  This was the first wedding shower either of them had ever been to, so they were really curious about what all would happen.

I told them there would be a lot of ladies.  There would likely be food and a cake.  And there would most definitely be presents — loads of presents for the bride-to-be.

“Ooooohhh, I like presents,” Emma said. 

“Me, too,” Ana said.

“What do you think she’ll get?,” I asked.  “What does a girl need when she gets married?”

I expected them to name your typical household items.  Kitchen appliances, cookware, towels, bedding — you know, the things that a homemaker (like their mother) uses all the time.

Emma answered immediately.  “She’ll need lots of perfume.”

“Yeah,” Ana added, “and makeup.  And curlers for her hair.”

Emma nodded.  “Nail polish, too.”

Before I could ask why a girl getting married would need any of this, Ana said, “Because you know, Mommy, she needs to be pretty for her husband.”

And this?  Is what I’ve taught my daughters about marriage.

Way to go, Mommy.  You can’t cook, clean, or create a comfortable home.  But Papi sure does think you look good!

Eh.  I can live with this.

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