SOOO Not A Fail After All…

I let Ana read a snippet of the infamous NaNoWriMo novel that never was, just to see if the vocabulary was at the right level and if the humor was something that a seven year old would get.  She laughed her way through the part I gave her to read, then told Emma the storyline.  They both laughed and laughed, and Ana told me that she wanted to read the whole thing.  “Can you finish it TODAY?!,” she asked.

(Psst.  It IS finished.  And very nearly formatted for Kindle.  But she’s not getting it until Christmas.)

I think I could seriously switch from writing books as a homemaker’s hobby to writing books just for Ana and Emma, based on the giggles and glee that came from this sweet girl as she read part of HER book.  That’s better payment than any glowing reviews or royalty check either one.

Love that my big fail ended up being something pretty wonderful, according to the Faulkettes…

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