Faulkette Funnies

Some Faulkette funnies for your Monday…

Em to Ana, “Isn’t Mommy the greatest mommy ever?!”  Ana to Emma, “Yes, but I like Mary a lot, too.  Because she raised such a great son.”  Leave it to Ana to make it all spiritual in her Pharisaical way.

Me to Emma, “You know, when you’re about to do something you know you shouldn’t, do you hear a little voice in your head telling you NOT to do it?”  Em to me, after thinking about it, “Nope.”  Got an unaware Pharisee and an honest heathen here at Casa de Faulk, y’all.

Ana, when asked what the point was of Papi’s sermon on Lazarus, “Sometimes the people you love die.  And you just need to deal with it.”  So compassionate.

Me to Emma, pointing to two pairs of “diamond” earrings this morning, “Which ones do you want to wear today — the little diamonds or the big diamonds?” Emma to me, with a disbelieving expression on her face, “Uh, the BIG ones, Mommy.” Me to Emma, “I know. That was a silly question.” Emma to me, “Uh, YEAH!”

Wes to Emma, after Luis T. wrote another “I love you” note (sigh), “You’re too young to have a boyfriend.”  Emma to Wes, “Papi, he is not my BOYFRIEND.”  Wes to Emma, “Well, good.”  Emma to Wes, “He is my PRINCE, Papi.”  Oh, mercy.

Ana to Emma, when Em pulled a leaf off a tree, “Emma, how would you like it if someone pulled your finger right off your body?  Because that, Emma?  Is what you just did to that tree!”  Someone was a little grouchy that day.

Me to Em, while we were trying to come up with sentences for her spelling words, “Side… hmm… how about ‘Ana has an evil side’?  Just kidding.”  Emma, thinking on this, “How about ‘Ana has an evil face’?”  Well, the spelling word was “side,” but you have to love that she was following my train of thought.

Ana to me, coming into the kitchen, “Oh, that pasta smells wonderful.  You should be on Iron Chef!”  Yeah, we watch too much Food Network around here.  And my children need to expand their culinary tastes beyond simple pasta.

Emma to me, about her Sunday school lesson, “They put Jesus in the temple, but then, when the girls went there, he was GONE!”  I couldn’t figure out what story this was until I realized she had “tomb” and “temple” confused.  Makes perfect sense now!

Ana to me, after looking at our book wish lists, “Wow.  Papi loves the church!  And you love Mickey Mouse!”  I’m a little convicted that I don’t read deeper stuff, y’all.  (But only a little.)

Emma to me, when I told them I’d be out mowing the lawn and that they should only come outside if there was an emergency, “Yeah, like if we’re dead or something.”  Just walk yourself on outside if you find that you’re dead, Emma.  Sounds good.

Hope your week is off to a great start!

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