A Blog About Nothing

Well, actually, this blog is about something.  Lots of little somethings.  But after you read it, you’ll probably look like Ana and I did before a long run a while back.

Exactly.  You’ll feel like you just read… nothing. 


And with an intro that exciting, this post can only get better, right?  Well, let’s see…

– We had some excitement a couple of weeks ago when I was rear-ended in the pickup line at school.  Do you feel like you’re experiencing some deja vu?  Yeah, me, too.  I was rear-ended last spring in the very same place, doing the very same thing, in the very same car.  I’m just a magnet for these things.  Unlike the last time, though, the other driver got plenty peeved at me for calling the police, telling me that there was no damage to my car.  As it turns out, though, her insurance company did indeed conclude that there was at least some damage to my car and took care of it all with less drama than I expected.  So thankful for that.  Hopefully the next time I get rear-ended at the school (because if it’s going to happen to anyone, it will happen to my poor, unfortunate car), it will be an even smoother process!

– We’re still running.  Yes.  We’re still running.  I hurt all the time.  (And now, I’m experiencing some deja vu, as I’m quite certain I’ve already told you this.)  Wes put my knees on ice the other day, promising me that it would make a difference in my recovery after a long training run… and he was right.  Because instead of just hurting the next day, I hurt the day OF, thanks to how much I was freezing!  I’m too much of a wimp for this kind of endurance athleticism, y’all.  After this season, I may just be a two marathon a year kind of girl.  No more of these crazy Dopey Challenges that have me running back to back long runs!

– We’re taking a little trip this Thanksgiving.  This year is the Faulks’ year, and the Faulks are taking us to Walt Disney World.  We’re good with that.  (I know.  Shocker, right?)  I had to get a couple of pairs of jeans so as to make sure I have clothes to wear the entire time I’m there (without reverting to wearing yoga pants — I have a SAHM wardrobe, y’all), and I was appalled by the selection available in the juniors department.  When did low rise jeans morph into “these won’t cover your butt” jeans?  I would say that my body has changed in the past ten years, but I can still wear the low rise jeans I bought back in my early twenties.  Why are these new cuts so different?!  What gives, fashion?!  Wes says that it’s not fashion’s fault, rather it’s my fault for trying to shop in the juniors section when I’m clearly no longer a junior.  Well.  He may have a point, y’all, as he located a pair of jeans in the ladies’ section that allow me to keep my modesty.  He swears they’re not “mom jeans,” and even though I know he doesn’t know what he’s talking about, I’m going to pretend to believe him.  (Because the mom jeans are actually more comfortable than the jeans in the juniors section.  So, sue me.  I’m an old lady.)

Well, maybe all of that was more interesting than I thought.  Oh, it wasn’t?

Oh, well.  At least it’s over now, right?  Right.

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