Faulkette Disney Funnies


Some Disney funnies for you…

Ana to me, as we looked out over the Magic Kingdom, “I wish Walt Disney could be here to see how many people he’s making happy.”  Only funny because she said this as people pushing strollers in the shoulder to shoulder squeeze of a crowd were getting irate with one another.  Ha!  Love me some mad WDW mobs, y’all.

Emma to me, with ice cream dripping down her chin as I thanked her for eating a Mickey bar with me, “You’re welcome.  That’s what friends are for.”  Aww…

Ana, when Wes told her that next year we would be spending Thanksgiving somewhere else, “I think we should stay at the Animal Kingdom Lodge then!”  Different as in not at WDW.  But good try, Ana!

Wes to the girls, “We’re all wearing Mickey shirts today!”  Emma to Wes, “No, your shirt is a bragging shirt.”  Why, yes, that marathon shirt IS a bragging shirt… but it’s a Mickey marathon shirt.  So, it’s STILL a Mickey shirt!

Ana (again) on the subject of Walt Disney and how he’s no longer with us, “Yeah, he used to smoke a lot when he was younger, back before they knew it could kill you.  Kinda like Mamo did.”  Her excessive Walt Disney knowledge is due to a biography she read about him.  Her excessive emphysema knowledge is all thanks to my grandmother and her medical woes, though.

Emma, on the really powerful automatic flush toilets at Columbia Harbor House, “It flushed in MY EYE!”  Even the toilets are a thrill ride at Walt Disney World.

Ana, when the pirate doing her makeover at the Pirates’ League asked her if she thought his friend was cute, “Eh.  He’s… bleeeeehhh.”  Ana didn’t quite know how to handle the uproarious laughter and shouting this produced all over the room.  Ana Faulk — bringing the funny to WDW cast members everywhere without even trying…

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