This morning, Emma woke up complaining of a tummy ache.  I knew it was bad when she declined a visit to the donut shop.  Still, though, we headed up to church, hopeful that it was nothing.  I tucked Emma in on the couch in Wes’s office, told her I’d come back to take her to Sunday school with me, and took Ana to the children’s wing.

A sweet neighbor met me in the hallway with questions about our lunch plans.  I looked at her with a blank expression, I’m sure, my mind still on the sick child waiting for me in the pastor’s office.  She said, “You have no idea what I’m talking about, do you?”  I told her that I did but that Emma was sick and my head was everywhere and —

She told me not to worry.  We’d figure it out.

I took Ana upstairs, went back to get Emma, and made my way to Sunday school.  As I was laying everything out for the lesson I had prepared, Emma leaned over and threw up in the trash can I had put next to her.


The ladies in my class were more than gracious and helpful as I tended to Emma as she (yes) kept right on throwing up.  Once she was done, I went and got Ana back out of class and took my sick Emma home.  Wes would clear up the lunch plan changes, and I could make apologies later.  With Emma settled in on the couch, the Sunday school hour passed, the church hour passed, and I wondered how I would cook lunch for everyone with Emma lying on top of me.

Before I could be too concerned about it, our doorbell rang.  Wes, who had just gotten home for a very short lunch before he’d be out again (attending all the Sunday events we were supposed to attend as a family), went to answer it and came back with a bag full of food.  Our sweet neighbor had packaged up the meal she’d made for our family to share with hers and sent it over to our house.  And included in the generous amount she’d sent were some of the girls’ favorites.  I was able to open everything up, even while holding onto Emma, feed the rest of the family, and eat something warm and wonderful myself.  I’m not sure I’ve ever been more thankful for a church member, y’all.

Some days are harder than others around here.  And on days like today, I’m convinced that God knows all about it and that He sends along people to just absolutely bless us.  (And I’m reminded even now, as I write this, that this same sweet neighbor took Emma to AWANA one evening last spring when Ana was sick.  She and her husband have been so good to us!)

So thankful for this sweet family and for all the many people just like them, who are ready and available to bless others.  Church family, you are SO VERY APPRECIATED!

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