Faulkette Funnies

Ana’s new song, “It was a church day, and then it turned bad. Cuz Emma threw up, now isn’t that sad?” That about sums it up.

Emma to Ana, “Are your shoes too big? Because mine are too squeezy!” Ana, taking off her shoe and one of Em’s, “That’s because we’re wearing each other’s shoes!” Uproarious laughter all around. (It doesn’t take much, y’all.)

Ana to me, after she located the perfect gift to give to Emma for Christmas, “Okay, now give me your credit card.” Things you didn’t think you’d hear for at least another ten years…

Ana to Emma, “Yeah, Hanukkah is all about the lights. Kinda like Halloween is all about the candy.” Not sure where to start in correcting this…

Me to Ana, when I told her she couldn’t use a calculator to do her math homework, “Back when I was in second grade, I didn’t use one to do my homework. That’s why I know how to do math now.” Ana to me, “That’s because they didn’t have calculators back when you were in second grade.” Ouch.

Ana to Emma at the dinner table, “Why aren’t you wearing pants?” Just another high class, glamorous evening at the Faulk house.

Ana, when I asked her to guess how many miles I ran, “Sixty!”  Me to Ana, “No, twenty!”  Ana to me, “Well, that’s not sixty.”  Not such an impressive feat after all, I guess.

Ana, on the subject of Wes’s weight, “I think he must weigh 10,591 pounds.”  Before I could laugh too long and hard about this, she added, “I mean, he’s so big that YOU can’t lift him, which is weird since you’re SOOOOO much older than he is, right?”  Hey, now…

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