Faulkette Funnies

Some funnies for your Friday…

Ana, regarding the bugs flying around the gas station/Arby’s where we stopped en route to San Antonio, “There sure are a lot of bugs out here!  I guess bugs like to eat Arby’s!”  Bugs probably do love roast beef.

Emma to me, “Mommy, you look just like the cow in this book.”  Me to Emma, “Are you saying that I look like a cow?”  Emma to me, “No, I’m saying that you look like THIS cow.”  Oh, well, if that’s all, then…

Ana to me, “Running is my worst favorite sport.”  I feel the same way some days.

Emma to Wes, “You’re a better driver than Mommy because you drive super fast, like we’re on a roller coaster!”  That’s why he’ll be a great driving instructor when the girls are teenagers.

Ana to me, when I asked her about a part in one of her books, “He got in trouble because he had a magazine with a girl wearing a binky.”  Me to Ana, “Um… I think that word is bikini.”  Binky, bikini — big difference. 

Emma to me, when I asked her to describe Wes to me, “Well, he loves bacon.  And when we were little and he gave us baths, he’d stick his dirty feet in the water.”  Wes to me, “And that’s what they’ll share at my funeral, you know.”  And it’ll be awesome.

Ana, upon finding our Elf on the Shelf in my closet where Wes haphazardly threw it after Christmas, “That elf has been watching you undress every night… creepy!”  You’re telling me!

Me to Emma, while reading a sad part in one of her books, “Oh, this is heartbreaking!  I don’t think I can keep on reading!”  Emma to me, patting my hand reassuringly, “It gets better.  Don’t you worry!”  So sweet.

Ana to Wes, while we were driving, “Hey, that car is from India!”  Wes to Ana, “It’s from Indiana.” Ana to Wes, “No, that should be Indi-ANA.”  Get it right, Papi.

Emma, opening up Christmas gifts from our church secretary that were absolutely perfect for her, “It’s like Mrs. Gayla is IN MY MIIIIIINNNNNDDDDD!”  Mrs. Gayla is a brave woman indeed, if that’s the case. 

Hope you have a great weekend, friends!

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