Faulkette Funnies

Some Faulkette funnies for your Friday…

Ana, at a funeral this past week, “It’s too bad that Papi will already be dead when I’m dead because he could have preached my funeral for me.”  Ahh, ever practical Ana is already planning her funeral…

Emma, at a wedding this past week when she saw Wes walk out with the groomsmen, “There’s our boy.  He is the most handsome.”  I agree. 

Ana, on the future, “I will get married one day, too.  I’ll put on my pretty sundress and my pretty sunhat and go down to the beach where I will kiss a boy next to the waves.  And I will make him love me by giving him chocolate chip cookies.”  Chocolate chip cookies are excellent man catchers.

Emma to Ana, “I like you a lot… even if you are very gripey.”  Aww…

Ana, on the subject of weddings, “I would like to be a flower girl one day.  But I will make sure to cancel all the laughing.”  Hear that?  You’re not allowed to laugh or ooh or ahh over Flower Girl Ana because she has CANCELLED that nonsense!

Emma to me, on the subject of Papi being “ours” and all, “One day, though, I will have my own boy, you know.”  I hope so, if only because that means I’ll get mine back.

Ana to me, with a sneaky smile, “Sometimes people have… Anaphobia.”  I don’t know where she comes up with these things, y’all.

Have a great weekend!

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