We’re back! 

Well, we’ve been back for a while.  But coming back after a week away involved more laundry than you can imagine, especially since half of it was smelly running laundry.  Eww.  And coming back after a week away involved a lot of readjusting to the girls’ schedules, getting them readjusted to us being here, and remaining civil to one another as we did so.  To top it all off, January is the month where literally everything in our lives comes up for renewal, inspection, registration, etc, etc, etc, so I’ve spent every free moment up to my ears in paperwork, trying to sort everything out.


I’m planning on getting right back to where I left off with the blogging, though.  Hooray!  I do want to go back a little and recap our Thanksgiving trip to Walt Disney World.  Yeah, I know, that was a couple of months ago (those months went by quickly!), but I really want to finish up the posts about it as it will likely be our last family trip to WDW for a while.

I know… you’re shocked.

I’m shocked, too, quite frankly.  When we looked at the calendar in the spring of 2013, we added up the days when we’d be at WDW for the Thanksgiving trip Wes’s parents were taking us on, the half marathon I’d be going to with my mother-in-law, and our marathon trip, and we concluded that we would SAVE money if we went with annual passes for the whole family.  Thanks to those and some really great deals with Southwest Airlines (which we will forever love because of it!), we were able to take the girls to WDW for their birthday week as well.  It was, seriously, the BEST YEAR EVER in terms of WDW fun.

Maybe the frequency killed some of the magic, though.  (I know!  I’m as shocked as you are!)  Don’t get me wrong — we had a great time, and if you offered me free airfare and lodging I’d be there in a heartbeat.  But our girls are past the age of believing that the guy (or the girl) in the suit is really Mickey Mouse and have honestly grown so accustomed to the World that what should thrill them is just “eh.” 

I think Wes and I now love WDW more than they do. 

So… that’ll probably be it for a while.  I’m hopeful that we’ll be able to take them back one of these days when they’re old enough to enjoy it in a new way.  What fun we’ve had these past FIVE years, watching Ana and Emma go from tiny tots who required a whole suitcase of diapers and wipes to go on vacation (those were the days, y’all) to our big girls who were able to ride all by themselves in their own car on several rides.  Sigh.

This is why I’m going to recap that Thanksgiving trip, in all of its glory.

Before then, I have some Disney funnies to share with you tomorrow… happy reading!

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