Snow Day!

On Friday, we experienced a freak event.

Houston had a snow day.

Okay, so this “snow” day?  Didn’t involve any actual snow.  And it really didn’t involve that much ice, either.  Still, though, this is Houston, and because none of us can drive on even the thinnest layer of ice without freaking completely and totally out?  Everything was CLOSED.

This particular snow day fell on Wes’s day off, so he was home to experience the “snow day” with us to its fullest.

Here’s how it went down.

6:30 – The girls, who have to be dragged out of bed on a normal school day, jumped out of bed bright and early.  We told them to go back to bed because it was a snow day and school was cancelled.

6:31 – No go, Mommy and Papi.  Much jumping around and squealing commenced.

6:35 – They stopped shrieking long enough to look outside.  “Where’s the snow?!”

6:45 – The sadness over not being able to build an Olaf the Snowman abated when they reasoned with one another that — hey — at least there’s no school!

7:00 – We heard the first utterance of “I’m bored.”

7:05 – I suggested they set the table for breakfast and help me make said breakfast if they were that bored.  Thus commenced a flurry of activity in the kitchen where things were dropped, food was spilled, and havoc ensued.

7:30 – Breakfast was made, despite the “help.”

8:00 – Breakfast was done.  No one stuck around to clean up the mess.  (Of course.)

8:15 – We heard the second utterance of “I’m bored.”

8:20 – I suggested that everyone clean their rooms up if they were that bored.  Oh, and brush your teeth and get dressed while you’re at it.

8:30 – The girls were mysteriously silent.

9:00 – I checked the rooms. Disaster areas.  I made it clear that my suggestion was actually NOT a suggestion.  Clean your rooms.  And brush your teeth and get dressed while you’re at it.

9:15 – Ana wandered into the kitchen and asked if she could have a snack.  We just ate!  I told her to go clean her room.  And brush her teeth and get dressed while she was at it.  (Deja vu, y’all.)

9:30 – I inspected the rooms again.  Ana was doing a half-hearted job.  Emma was lying in the middle of thousands of naked Barbies moaning, “My room is SOOOO messssssssyyyyy!”  For real?

9:35 – I freaked out.

9:45 – The rooms were clean.

10:00 – I suggested some reading time, hoping for enough peace and quiet to go and get cleaned up myself.

10:05 – Emma informed me that, “I don’t like reading so much.”  Wes told her that he never liked it either but that he loves it now.  This didn’t make reading time any easier for Emma.

10:10 – I went to shower.  By myself.  Glory!

10:15 – I closed my eyes in the shower for two seconds and opened them to find Ana standing in front of our bathroom mirror making faces at herself.  I may have screamed just a little.  (Not really.  This happens almost every time I shower.  At least this time she was making faces in the mirror instead of standing on the other side of the shower door pressing her lips against it and making blowfish faces at me.)

10:20 – I got out of the shower and threw on some clothes.  Ana asked if she could have a snack.

10:30 – Back into the living room, where Wes was helping Emma read.  Directed Ana to sit down and read as well.

10:45 – Asked Emma to help me feed the dog.  She went out to the garage.  It was cold.  She stood with the door open, saying, “It’s cold out there!” 

10:50 – After much assistance and many trips back and forth, all whilst screaming “nein, Charlie!” because the dog was beside himself with his food all open like that in the garage, Emma finished the task.

11:00 – Ana requested a snack.

11:05 – I started fixing lunch.

11:10 – The Kindles switched to game time.  Glory.

11:15 – Emma began crying because Wes blew up her sheep on Minecraft.  (Really, Wes?)

11:20 – Wes made it up to her by building her an underwater castle.

11:30 – Ana began crying because Emma smashed the windows in the underwater castle (“it was an ACCIDENT, Ana!”) and flooded the whole thing.

11:31 – Minecraft equals tears, y’all.

11:32 – I called everyone to lunch.  My eye began to twitch because it was only 11:30.  ONLY 11:30, Y’ALL!

12:00 – Lunch was done.  Wes helped clean up while the girls went to play.

12:05 – We heard another utterance of “I’m bored.”

12:10 – I said, “Oh, my WORD, y’all!  If you’re so bored, why don’t you finally go get dressed?!  You can’t wear jammies all day!  And brush your teeth!”

12:15 – Both girls came back to proudly blow their minty fresh breath in my face.  (They were still dressed in jammies.)

12:30 – The kitchen was clean.  I was going to sit and relax.  Before my butt could hit the couch, Emma had attached herself to me.  “I just wanna stay with you.”  (And cling to me so that you’re practically strangling me.  But I’ll deal.)

12:35 – Ana requested a snack.

I could keep on, but it would be more of the same. This was snow day from the moment they woke up until the moment they mercifully fell asleep.  To quote Wes, at a mere nine o’clock at night, “Wow, I’m SO tired!”  Welcome to my life, Pastor!

It’s a good thing we live in Houston, where snow days hardly ever happen, y’all…

One thought on “Snow Day!

  1. Jennifer says:

    Our snow day was the same way, except a friend came over to play because the parents had a doctor's appt, and they spent 1 hour arguing with each other. My little one said “I thought snow days were supposed to be fun!” And to think, we might have it hit again tomorrow!


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