Surfside Marathon

This Saturday, Wes and I ran our seventh marathon — the Surfside Marathon.

This was the marathon that wasn’t supposed to happen.  We registered for the HALF marathon at Surfside before the Dopey Challenge, assuming that it would be a good “stay in shape, but don’t kill yourself” race.  Once we came back from WDW, though, I told Wes that I still felt like death and that I would merely be a spectator while he completed this one.  He reluctantly agreed, batting his sad eyes at me and saying how lonely he would be running out there without me because I am, in fact, the best running companion in all the world.

Well, hearing that was flattering.  And he says flattering things to me, and I kinda lose my marbles just a little bit.  (“You’re pretty.”  “Okay, I’ll marry you and have your babies.  Done.”  Not really… but close!)

“Oh, fine,” I said, “I’ll run it with you.  But let’s go ahead and run the full marathon.  26.2 miles of fun with me, right?”

Before I could come to my senses and retract that foolishness, Wes switched our registration.  Once his dad heard we had a race on the calendar, he signed up for the half marathon.  Which means Wes could have run the half marathon as originally planned, with me as a spectator, because he wouldn’t have had to run it alone.  (Of course, his dad isn’t nearly as fun as I am, since he’s actually serious about his running, but whatever.)

It all seemed like a rather dumb idea as I was eating my Froot Loops while Wes drove out to Surfside, and it just got dumber and dumber as we started the race.  But then I felt good!  I felt really good!  That lasted until about mile 21 when I tripped over sand.  Yes, sand.  This marathon is entirely on the beach, and you would think that would make it klutz-proof with the surf packing down the sand and making the entire course even surfaces and all.  But you’d be wrong.  I hobbled my way to mile 25, then ran the finish in with Wes holding my hand and telling me I still looked good.

Which is how he talked me into two more marathons this spring.  Curse that man and his honeyed words, y’all!  Flattery for the win, EVERY TIME!

Unexpected bonuses for this race included the BBQ dinner afterwards, having Coach finish his first official half marathon, and NOT gaining weight after a marathon because they messed up my milkshake order at Sonic post-race.  (Grr.)  It was a great race day, and we’re looking forward to the next one…

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