Faulkette Funnies

Here are some funnies that just never got posted… until now!

Ana to me, after my grandmother’s funeral, “I think Mamo is probably dancing under a disco ball right now.”  Heaven is a happening place, then.

Em to Ana, as they sat together in a cart at Target, “This cart is SO romantic!”  Must have been the togetherness…

Ana, praying over our dinner after the funeral, “God, please make sure Mamo gets a chocolate brownie.”  Dancing, brownies… I want to go to Heaven, too!

Wes to Ana, on the merits of vocational ministry, “I’ve given my whole life to telling people about Jesus.  It’s even my job!”  Ana to Wes, “Well, I think I might like to be a tortilla lady at Taco Cabana.”  Much tastier than the pastorate.

Ana to me, on life choices, “You were sad to leave Africa, but then you found Papi and knew where you would belong.”  So, this isn’t funny, just sweet.  Aww!

Emma to Wes, after my grandmother’s funeral, “So tomorrow, you, me, and Mommy have to bury Mamo, huh?”  Not sure what she was thinking here, but…. no.

Ana, on the subject of my grandmother’s boyfriend, “Chick was like a stepdad.  But he wasn’t evil like the ones in Disney movies.”  True that.

Wes to Emma, when she asked why we can’t live in Alvarado, “Because I don’t have a job here.”  Emma to Wes, “You can work at McDonald’s!”  Again, much tastier than the pastorate.

Ana to Wes, on career choices, “Maybe when I’m older I’ll be a tax collector like Gramps was.  And that’s how I’ll be rich!”  Well, the IRS actually doesn’t pay the big bucks, and they sure don’t give you free tortillas.  Better stick with Taco Cabana…

Hope you have a great weekend!

One thought on “Faulkette Funnies

  1. Jennifer says:

    When my daughter was 4, my grandmother passed away. My daughter said to me one night that maybe Nana was dancing in Heaven with a flower on her head. Apparently kids think there is all kinds of dancing up there!


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