Faulkette Funnies

Ana to me, after I explained to her how taxes work, “Oh! So, Papi has to work hard so he can take care of the government!” I think she understands.

Emma came out of her room the other morning wearing a shirt that said, “It’s My Birthday.” I told her, “It’s not your birthday.” She sighed and said, “Yes, but Boo Boo Teddy’s wife is having a baby today, Mommy.” Well, that makes sense. (Not really. But I do enjoy Emma’s logic.)

Ana, on the subject of the pepper spray I carry when I run, “Do you spray this at people who pass you during races?” THIS is how I will win the next race I enter! (Not sure I have enough pepper spray to make this happen.)

Had a little birds and bees talk with the girls the other morning to clear up some confusion they were having. They’re thrilled with all the new vocabulary words they now have. I told them they should probably refrain from saying these words around Wes (because he doesn’t need that embarrassment), and Ana said, “Yeah, because he doesn’t know any of this information.” Um… sure…

Ana, on the same subject, after hearing that girls are the ones who carry the baby, girls are the ones who give birth to the baby, and girls are the ones whose bodies can feed the baby, “Well.  Boys don’t do much.”  Truth, sister.

Emma to Ana, “How many of the seven dwarves are there?”  Ana to Emma, with great befuddlement in her voice, “There are SEVEN, Emma.”  Emma, blinking at her, “Oh.”  Even the obvious can be shocking!

Emma, at the rodeo, “I want a goat for Christmas!”  She could have a goat in that messy room of hers right this minute, and I would be none the wiser.

Ana, at the rodeo, “I want to ride those ponies… wait, are they real?”  Me to Ana, “Yes.”  Ana to me, “Never mind, then.”

Hope you have a great weekend, friends!

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