Could Be

I decided over the weekend that it was time for me to give up Cokes.

I love Coke so much that I’m not sure I can live without it… which means I probably love it too much and that I should TRY to live without it.

It’s been rough.  Headaches, exhaustion, and just general bleeeeeeehhhhh.  I’m not sure who Jenn Faulk is without Coke because the woman at the helm of this household is stumbling around, forgetting what she was doing, complaining that she just doesn’t feel right, and struggling with what seem to be hallucinations.

Yes.  Hallucinations.

At homework time yesterday, I had the worst of them.  Emma looked at me as she was doing her math and said, matter-of-factly, “I have knots in my hair.”

I looked at her, wondering if any of this was actually real.  “That stinks.”

“See?”  She showed me.  There were knots in her hair.

“Let’s see if we can fix that,” I said, playing along in case this wasn’t some figment of my Coke-depleted brain.  It only took a few seconds before I saw the problem.  “Those aren’t knots… you have food in your hair.”

“That can’t be,” Emma said, so calmly.

“Red food,” I said.  “Was it pizza day in the cafeteria?”

“Oh, no,” she said.  “It was sandwich day.  Sandwiches cut like goldfish.  Fish sandwiches.”

“Then, how do you have this in your hair?,” I asked, holding out a piece of the red goo I’d managed to free from one clump of hair.

She looked at it.  “Well, they had ketchup with the sandwiches.”

I blinked at her. She blinked at me.  And then, she went on with her math homework.

I think I may have hallucinated all of this.  Because surely, some kid didn’t put ketchup in my kid’s hair on sandwich day.  And surely, my kid didn’t just sit there and put up with it.  And surely, SURELY, her OCD big sister would have freaked out over this conversation and demanded that we DO something already to Emma’s ketchup-y HAAAAAIIIIIRRRR!

Hallucination?  Could be.

I promise to get back to more normal blogs when I can once again determine what reality is and isn’t, friends.  Hopefully that will be soon….

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