Ana Funnies

Ana’s been bringin’ the funny…

Ana, on why Wes didn’t get me tickets to see Hunter Hayes, “Because you’re a grown up, Mommy. Not a teenage girl.” Well, then.

Ana to me, “Your phone is an idol to you.” I don’t know if I should be offended or if I should congratulate her on her fine discernment. Hmm.

Me to Emma, when she asked how old they were when we left Oklahoma, “Four and five.” Ana to Emma, “No, we were five and four.”  Really, Ana?

Ana, on life in Oklahoma, “I don’t remember much.  I don’t remember my childhood.”  I guess that counts as her childhood since she’s been acting like she’s a grownup ever since we moved here.

Ana, on why Emma doesn’t get the rodeo like she does, “I’m a Texan.  You’re Japanese.”  Sad day, Emma.

Ana, when I asked her why it was taking her so long to finish up her meal at Taco Bell, “I’m just chillin’ with my churro.”  Yes.  Really.

Ana, on the subject of book writing and why it isn’t really hard work, “You just make up a character, a setting, a problem, and a solution.  That’s it.”  She’s right, of course.

Emma to Ana, “If Papi had a brother, then he married Aunt Kerry… then what would he be?!  We would have an uncle!!!”  Ana to Emma, with exasperation in her voice, “Emma, we do have an uncle that married Aunt Kerry.  Uncle Chris.”  Well, he wasn’t an uncle before he married her, but she’s right.  Again.

Ana to me, “Emma’s foot is bleeding.  She wanted me to tell you that she can’t walk.”  Me to Ana, “Is it gushing blood?”  Ana, shrugging like she could care less, “It’s just drippy.  No big deal.”  I know which girl I don’t want taking care of me in my old age…

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