Faulkette Funnies

Faulkette funnies for your Friday…

Emma to me, on the subject of Frozen, “Summer is good because it’s a time for Kristoff to rest from his work.  And summer is good because it’s a time for Olaf to rest from being alive.”  So true.

Ana to me, regarding what I should do, “You should look pretty and knock Papi’s pants off.” Me to Ana, “I think the phrase you were going for was knock his socks off.” Ana to me, “Oh! Socks, not pants!” It does make a difference.

Emma to me, regarding a napping Charlie, “Is he getting his beauty sleep?”  Me to Emma, “I don’t know.  Does he look more beautiful now?”  Emma to me, “Actually… no.”  Sorry, Charlie.

Ana to me, while putting on a skirt for school one morning, “This won’t zip up!”  As I was wondering how she had gained that much weight overnight, Emma came in wearing the same skirt and proclaimed, “I need a belt!” even as it fell right off of her.  Mystery solved, skirts switched, perfect fits.  Ahhh…

Emma to me, “We’re the churchmates of one of their fathers and mothers.”  Me to Emma, “You mean, her mother and father go to our church?”  Em to me, “That’s what I said.”  Sorta.

Ana, looking at a picture of my grandmother at my wedding, “Is that Mamo’s second husband?”  Me to Ana, “No, that’s my cousin, Chad.  He just has a lot of gray hair.”  (I believe Chad was only twenty-three when that photo was taken.  Ouch.)

Emma to me, “You look like a teenager, Mommy.”  Flattery will get you everywhere, kid.

Ana’s dinner time prayer, “And thank you for Jeff Kinney, Mo Willems, and Mommy, who all write such wonderful books.” Way to make sure you’re getting ice cream for dessert, sweetheart.

Me to Emma, when she came in with a truly enigmatic fashion choice, “Well, look at you.”  Emma to me, “I know.  I’m pretty.”

Hope you have a great weekend!

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