A Little Different

This week, the girls had spring picture day at school.  Ironically enough, the temperatures were in the thirties on the morning of spring picture day, which meant that the outfits they chose were decidedly NOT springy in any way, shape, or form.  They picked very cute, weather appropriate outfits, paired with black shoes.

When I picked them up after school, Ana told me that there had been a problem at school.

“[Name of a girl in her class] told me that I should not be wearing black shoes because it’s springtime,” she said.

I refrained from saying, “[Name of a girl in her class] needs to get a life” and said instead, “Well, technically, you’re not supposed to wear black shoes after Easter.  And Easter isn’t until this weekend.  You’re good!”

Ana frowned at me.  “But it’s springtime.”

“Does it FEEL like springtime outside?”


“And it’s before Easter!  Black shoes are still good!”

Before Ana could open her mouth to continue to goad me into arguing about something that doesn’t even matter anyway (and how many generations has it been since we’ve really cared about this arbitrary rule, y’all?), Emma sighed and said, “Well, I think you look pretty.” 

Before Ana could launch into a discussion about how Emma is wrong, wrong, wrong (sigh), Emma began talking about how she has all kinds of crazy misunderstandings just like this with her classmates.  And they’re even crazier than normal because they involve Emma, who doesn’t think logically like most people.  (And how.)

“But I don’t care,” Emma said. “When someone tells me something and I don’t think they’re right… I don’t care!  I just go on!”

And she spent the rest of the drive home with her backpack in her lap, singing herself a little tune as she looked out the window.

I was Ana growing up.  And even as an adult who should know better, I’m still like Ana.  Which is why it’s great that she and I both have an Emma to remind us that it’s okay to be someone completely unique in Christ, to do your own thing, and to not care at all that you’re different from everyone else out there.

Here’s to being different…

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