Faulkette Funnies

Faulkette funnies for your Friday…

Ana, on the subject of her heels, “I’ll probably fall over and twist my ankle.  But I’ll look good, so it’ll be worth it.”  Beauty is pain, girl.

Emma, regarding the pins in her hair, “Where did these come from?”  Me to Emma, “I was wearing them, but you need them more because your hair was all in your face.  I’ll bring extra in my purse next time.”  Emma to me, looking at my hair, “Well, now your hair looks crazy.  But my hair looks beautiful!”  A simple thank you would have sufficed.

Ana to Wes, after he told the story of the boy who cried wolf and asked what the point was, “You shouldn’t yell.”  Emma, freaking out, “You shouldn’t lie or a WOLF will EAT you!”  Point?  Completely missed.

Ana, concerning the Rockets’ loss in the playoffs, “Well, at least they have more time to spend with their families now.”  That’s looking at the bright side!

Wes, during a recent sermon, “Is your spiritual life dry like a desert?” Ana to me, “Mine’s kinda like a swamp.” Is that good or bad? Hard to tell…

Ana, standing in her catastrophically messy room, “Can I open up this bag of Legos?”  Me to Ana, “I think this room is already messy enough!”  Ana to me, “Well, I can open them up in the hallway.  It’s not messy out there.”  Slowly but surely Ana’s hoarding is going to take over our whole house!

Emma, on the subject of Grandma Faulk’s wedding ring and why I was wearing it, “She’s dead.  Which is why you have it. Can I have it when you’re dead?”  If you can rip it out of your sister’s greedy paws, you bet.

Emma, after school, “Some of my classmates said that I’m annoying!” Ana to Emma, “Well, sometimes you ARE annoying, Emma.” Who needs enemies when you have a sister?

Ana on Wes’s absence at dinner, “Well, he’s training hard for that I Run Man race.”  That race sounds harder than the Ironman.  (Which he actually IS training for.)

Wes to Emma, “These hot dogs are made from parts of your favorite animal.”  Emma to Wes, with disbelief in her voice, “These are elephant hot dogs?”

While trying to affirm Emma, I told Ana that we should each say something we love about her.  Ana to me, “Well, I love Emma because she eats chocolate.  And she doesn’t stink.  Most of the time.”  Again, who needs enemies when you have a sister?

Ana, sighing loudly during Wes’s sermon as she waited to fill in the next point on her outline, “Why is he talking so much?”  Straight from the pastor’s daughter, y’all.

Have a great weekend, friends!

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