Just Right

The other day, Wes finished my sentence for me.  It wouldn’t have been such an odd thing, of course, except the sentence I was in the middle of having, the thought that I was still thinking as I was talking, and the direction of my ramblings?  Well, it was odd.  But he got it.  He got me. 

And I had an epiphany.

We’re not romantics over here at the Faulk house.  We knew when we met and when we married that the reality was this — either one of us could have ended up with someone else and still been very happy.  We’re convinced that there’s not one person for every one person out there, that there’s nothing mystical about finding a mate, and that love isn’t first sight.

BUT.  On days like that day, when Wes read my cup and a half of crazy mind… well, I suspected that perhaps we were wrong.  Because if Wes could follow my crazy logic and finish my sentence?  Well, clearly he was my soul mate.  The One.  The only man who could ever truly get me because God made him only for me.

The more I thought about this, though, the more I came to realize something.  Wes is the right person for me today because God has worked that out in him over the past ten years.  And I’ll be the right person for him ten years from now because God is going to continue to work that out in me.  It’s not about us being right people for one another from the start — it’s about becoming the right people as we grow together.  And it’s hard work.  Every day, adapting to someone else, believing the best about someone else, deferring selfishness for the good of someone else — it’s HARD work!  But God is so good, because the best surprise is that the work makes us closer than we were back when we thought we could never be closer.

As we get older and go farther along this road, knowing this truth is a big relief.  We weren’t who we were and we won’t be who we are, but we can be confident that as we remain in Christ and seek Him together, He’ll make us into an us that’s more one in Him tomorrow than we were today.  I know it’ll be work and that it won’t always be sweet, but as I pray that we’ll both remain faithful to God, He’ll work it out so that we’ll always be right for one another.

Thankful that God takes two imperfect people and makes them just right for each other…

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