Happy birthday, Wes!

Today is Wes’s birthday.

Ten years ago, we celebrated by getting all dressed up and going out to a fancy dinner.  We spent the meal talking about wedding plans and summer plans, discussing all that was ahead for us.  There was no need to rush, as we had nowhere to go and not many responsibilities as the semester had just ended.  We went back to my parents’ house and watched a movie and concluded that it had been a great birthday.

This year, we celebrated on the wrong day because his real birthday is on a church service day.  We didn’t get dressed up because we’d both been teaching Bible studies, getting the girls ready for school, and getting our runs squeezed in.  We didn’t go anywhere fancy but opted instead for somewhere where we could sit outside.  We spent the meal talking about the Spurs and the busy week we have ahead of us with the end of the school year closing in.  We were rushed because we still had to go back to the church to clean up and set up for a special event and the girls needed to be picked up from school.  We went back to the church, where I vacuumed and he mopped, and we both concluded that it had been a great birthday.

Thankful for ten years of birthdays and the simple joy of celebrating with him, however we’re able to.
Happy birthday, Wes!

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