AWANA Awards

Last Wednesday, we had our AWANA awards presentation.

When we came to Memorial in January 2012, we were right in the middle of the AWANA year.  Ana, who was just starting out, was half a book behind the rest of the group in Sparks as a result.  Because of this, Ana has been behind in terms of finishing books for the past two and a half years.  This year was her last year in Sparks, and she was determined to finish the third book, even though she started out still in the second book.  I was so proud of her commitment to get it done, though I doubted that she actually would get it done some days.  But she did!  She finished the second and third book, which meant she got the Sparky Award.  (She was so excited, even though she kept calling the plaque she received the plague.)  Next year, she’ll move up to the Truth in Training class, aka the “Big Kids.”  Sniff, sniff.

Emma also came in a little behind the rest of the group this year because she has this great habit of working on Scriptures at home then going to class and forgetting exactly what it is she’s worked on.  (It happens.)  The entire lot of Faulks memorized the 23rd Psalm and all the books of the Bible this year with Emma unintentionally as we all helped her work on them, along with lots and lots of other verses.  Not only did she finish the first and second Sparks books (which was a huge deal!), but she surprised us all by being able to recall past verses learned during each review section in the handbooks.  Finishing books isn’t the goal in AWANA — knowing Scripture is.  I told Emma, as we worked on the last section and she recited verses without even reviewing them, “How do you know these verses?!”  And she told me, “They are in my heart.”  How awesome is that?!  Can’t wait to see what she learns during her last year of Sparks!

This year was also my first year as AWANA Director.  (Insert a picture of me right here, looking harried and panicked.)  I spent most of the year figuring out what was going on and the rest of the year proclaiming that I had no idea what was going on.  But I sure did have fun with the kids!  I told our children’s minister that I would be better prepared next year after all that I learned through trial and error this year.  I said that… but there’s just no telling, y’all.  I’m sure I’ll have fun no matter what.

So thankful for a great AWANA year!

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