Faulkette Funnies

Faulkette funnies for your Friday…

Emma to me, “So, who’s more popular — God or Jesus?”  Me to Emma, “They’re the same.”  Emma to me, “Like, they’re just one person?”  Me to Emma, “They’re one.  But two at the same time.”  Emma to me, after a long pause, “So, who’s more popular?”  She was more concerned with popularity than with understanding the Trinity.  Which you would expect from a six year old, I guess.

Overheard in the Faulk house… “Please don’t knee your sister in the back. You may need one of her kidneys one of these days.” This led to a long discussion about DNA, kidney function, and organ donation and ended with Ana concluding that she doesn’t want to give Emma any of her body parts. Sad day for you, Emma! 

Emma, on why she’s now a Spurs fan after being a Heat fan last year, “Well, I thought Tim Tebow played for them!”  Well, he does have a large fan base in Florida…

Me to Ana, at the library, as she was searching for new books, “What kind of books do you enjoy reading?”  Ana to me, “I enjoy reading about people who have embarrassing things happen to them.”  Who doesn’t?

Me to Ana, “It’s good to protect your heart.  The Bible tells us to do that.  I’ve protected my heart and hidden it away so that it belongs just to Jesus.”  Ana to me, “Did you hide it in the living room?”  Yeah, sometimes the abstract is just too much.

Wes to Ana, “My foot hurts!” Ana to Wes, “Aww… maybe we should just cut it off.” Just like her mommy, that one.

Me to Emma, “I’ll love you forever if you go and get a Coke out of the fridge for me.” Ana to me, “Mommy, you’ll love her even if she doesn’t do that.” Me to Ana, “Shhh… don’t tell her that. I still haven’t gotten my Coke.”

Ana to me, “I will call my husband Hot Stuff.”  Emma to me, “I will call my husband cuckoo-luckoo.”  If he’s like you, Emma, that name will likely fit him.

Me to Ana, “You should be nice to your sister.”  Ana to me, “Fine.”  Me to Ana, “You should tell her that you love her.”  Ana to me, “That’s taking it too far, Mommy.”  Sigh.

Ana on Amber alerts, “You have to watch out for strangers.  They could secretly be Ambers.”  Explained that it’s called an Amber alert because the little girl was named Amber… still don’t think she gets it.  Anticipating loads of fun and explanations the next time she meets an Amber.

Ana to Wes, “Coach ran a race and got a trophy because he was fast… and because he’s an old man.”  Truth.  He did.

Ana to me, on whether or not we should keep a book about Jesus that was written for toddlers, “Well, you’re never too grown up for Jesus.”  I couldn’t argue this, so we kept the book.

Ana to me, looking at her room after we cleaned up, “Wow.  Is this really my room?!”  Hard to believe, I know.

Emma to me as she and Ana left with Nana, “I’m so sorry that we’re leaving you all by yourself for the whole day!” I’ll get over it. Really.

Hope you have a great weekend!

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