All By Myself

Last Thursday, the girls left to spend a week with my in-laws.  I may have looked a little like this when they drove away.


I love my children.  And I find that I love them even more after we all get a little break from one another.  (And vice versa.  Believe me.)  All of life seems to revolve around them when they’re here, so without the Faulkettes?  It’s a new game, y’all.  And I’ve had people ask me, with great concern in their voices, “What are you going to DO without them?!” 
I’m so glad you asked.  In no particular order, here’s what I will do…
1. I will eat ice cream for dinner.  Because I can.  (And I won’t share.  So there!)
2. I will wake up when I want to wake up and not when someone climbs into bed next to me and starts poking me in the face while chanting, “Mommy, Mommy, Mommy…”
3. I will go to the bathroom by myself.  Glory.
4. I will finish a full, complete sentence on my next book without an interruption.  Maybe a full paragraph!  The sky is the limit!
5. I will clean the house without someone coming in behind me and messing it all up five minutes later. (Well, maybe.  Wes is still here…)
6. I will cook something without having a certain diva tell me that it smells awful.  (“Why does our house stink?  Are you cooking something, Mommy?”)
7. I will watch something other than the Fresh Beat Band.  (Or not.  I’m always up for some loco legs.)
8. I will call my mother on the phone without someone requesting “FaceTime with GRAM!” after which we will all be forced to endure ten minutes of Ana and Emma making faces and practically licking the camera on the phone.  (For real.  I hate FaceTime.)
9. I will be able to have a real conversation with my super cute husband without being interrupted with random musings like, “I can see crazy dots when I close my eyes!” or “I didn’t like Emma much when she was a baby.”  Thanks for sharing, girls.
10. I will finish a blog in one sitting.  Wow!

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