Faulkette Funnies

Because who wants to wait until Friday for some Faulkette Funnies, right?

Ana to me, “I think I found a boy I could marry at GT camp.  He loves Jesus.  And he speaks Chinese.”  Both excellent qualities in a third grader.

Emma to me, home after a week at the grandparents’ house, “You smell like Pasadena.”  I think she meant this as a compliment.  I hope so, at least.
Ana, thirty minutes into our road trip, “I wish Walt Disney World was in Texas.”  Me, too.
Emma on the subject of the one hundred day necklace she made in class last year, “I made it to 89, but I still had two groups of ten left to put on the necklace… wait a minute.  That’s not right!”  She spent the rest of the day wondering about this.
Ana, while riding It’s A Small World, “Now, THIS is what vacation is all about!”  It is pretty great, in a neverending, annoying way.  (I kid.  I love those creepy dolls.)
Emma to me, “One day at school, I felt something funny in my shirt.  So, I pulled it out and saw that it was a Cocoa Puff!  In my shirt!”  Me to Emma, “What did you do with it?”  Emma to me, “Well, I turned towards the wall so no one would see… and I ATE IT!”  Uproarious laughter.  (Maybe this isn’t funny in the retelling, but it was hilarious to watch her dramatically tell it the first time.)
Ana, in the China pavillion at Epcot, “Wow!  This stuff was made in China!”  As was everything else in the US.  (Oh, I kid!  Kinda.)
Ana to Emma, over lunch at the Mexico pavilion at Epcot, “You’ve got some nacho cheese in your hair, Emma!”  Emma to Ana, “Oh!  I always prayed that I would get blonde hair!”  It’s more orange than blonde, and EWWW…
Me to Ana, every time they’d give Spanish instructions at WDW, “What did they just say?”  Ana to me, great exasperation in her voice, “Mommy, they gave the same instructions in English just a second ago.”  Pay attention, Mommy.
Ana to me, “Disney cast members are so nice.  Except for the ones who sell rain ponchos.  Because we got ours for just one dollar at the dollar store, but they make you pay WAY more for them here!”  This one is learning young, y’all.

Me to Ana, as she continued going on and on about the overpriced rain ponchos (for real), “Ana, you don’t need to be so concerned about money and how much things should cost.  I wasn’t concerned about that when I was your age.”  Ana to me, “Well, maybe you should have been, Mommy.”  Really?!

Ana, on the subject of a guy standing in the middle of the road in Mobile and how he almost got run over, “That’s dangerous.  And scary.  Unless he knows Jesus.  Because if you know Jesus, being run over by a car and dying is actually good news!”  This might be an oversimplification… but okay.

Ana to Wes, after I gave him a haircut, “You look like C-3PO.”  Well, maybe that haircut was more like a shave…

Emma to Wes, when she went up to church with him on a Wednesday, “Okay, so where are the donuts?” Because there should ALWAYS be donuts at the church, right?

Hope your week is going well, friends!

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