Emma’s Seventh Birthday

Dear Emma,

Today is your seventh birthday. 

You’re proof that sometimes unexpected surprises are the best gift ever.  (They really are!)

You look just like me and act just like… well, like you.  You have such a big personality with lots of drama and flair, and you aren’t afraid to be yourself no matter where we go or who we see.

You spontaneously break out into song at odd moments, flouncing around everywhere, always hearing some music… somewhere.  You have a hard time sitting still, and your mind is always moving as fast as your little body.

You’re still working out what it means to live for Jesus, but you’re asking good questions about it all and affirming what you do know — that Jesus is who He says He is and that He loves you.  You know a lot of AWANA verses, and you’re always quick to tell me that you’ve “hide-ed them in my heart, Mommy.” 

You want to be a mommy when you grow up, with a “super handsome” husband and four babies, all of whom are going to live in our house so that you can take care of me in my old age.  (I love you for this, you know.)

You’re super fast with your math homework and can very nearly always produce the right answeron your other homework… if someone is helping you to remember what the question was.  (It sure is hard to concentrate when there’s an imaginary world turning in your head!)
You have a very compassionate heart and are always quick to get “boo boo teddy” over to anyone who is sick, hurting, or just sad.  (This always helps.)
You love telling stories — the crazier, the better.  You keep us all guessing where the plots will go and whether or not there will actually be an end.  (More often than not, there isn’t.)
You are so special to us, and we can see God making you into a lovely, sweet, and kind young woman.  We pray that He will continue to speak to your heart and that you’ll serve Him for the rest of your life.
Happy birthday!

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