Faulkette Funnies

Faulkette funnies for your Friday…

Ana to me, “I’m reading this story… the Prince and the… Pooper?”  Me, looking at it, “That’s pauper.”
Ana to me, “Oh.  What’s a pauper?”  Me to Ana, “Someone who is very poor.”  Emma to me, “I think the Prince and the Pooper would make a better story.”  Sounds like a dirty story.  Literally.
Emma to me, holding a book in her hand, “What’s an oofo?”  Me to Emma, looking at the book, “That’s a UFO.”  I can see where she got this, though.
Emma to Wes, when he opened the door for her, “You are SUCH a GENTLEMAN!”  Love.
Me to Emma, as I was opening up her yogurt, “That almost splattered all over me!”  Emma to me, “That would be okay, though.  I would just lick it off of you.”  Let’s hope that doesn’t happen.
Em to me, “There are sheep running around my brain!”  Me to Em, “Poor sheep.  It’s crazy town up in there.”  Ana to me, laughing, “Mommy, that was a funny!”  It sure was.  

Me to Ana, “Do you think Milton Hershey was Amish?  You know, since he was from Pennsylvania?”  Ana to me, “Could be, because they put almonds in some Hershey bars.”  Amish, almonds… you see what she was thinking, don’t you?

Me to the girls, sarcastically, after I nearly tripped over the Barbie Dream House and they didn’t even look up to make sure I was okay, “Oh, don’t worry about me, y’all!  I didn’t break my neck!  Thank you for your concern!”  Still going about her business and not looking at me, “Oh, you’re welcome!”

Hope you have a GREAT weekend!

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