First Day of School

Tuesday was the first day of school for the Faulkettes.  Ana started the third grade, and Emma started the second grade.

The morning began with an early, early wake up call.  Ana sat up straight in bed and said, “I told you I would get up.  So, I’m getting up.”  Emma rolled over and moaned, “Erghhhhh…”  (Loosely translated, this means, “Erghhhh…”)  I helped Ana get dressed and did her hair as she enthusiastically told me why this is going to be a great year and how she couldn’t wait to get some homework.  I sent her off to the living room with Papi, where they listened to some praise and worship music and he told her that she is, in fact, so smart, so special, and so beautiful.  (I think we all need to start our days this way, don’t you?)  I dragged Emma out of bed and found her sweet face underneath all that hair, telling her enthusiastically why this is going to be a great year and how I couldn’t wait to see how well she did on the first day.  I sent her off to the living room to join Papi and Ana, where she crawled into Wes’s lap and ate some Cocoa Puffs while Ana continued talking (oh, yes) and ate some Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

By the time we got to the school, Ana was beside herself with glee and Emma was awake. YAY!  We walked them in the front doors and through the building, then out back to where they would wait in the gym for their teachers to come and get them.  We stood on the sidewalk and prayed over them, giving kisses and hugs and sending them off with a wave.

I would tell you what happened after that, but we, of course, couldn’t go with them through the whole day and can’t give a detailed accounting for every moment of their lives.  And really?  That’s how it should be.  I’m not sure where the line is in good parenting and finally just stepping back and letting their lives be theirs and not mine.  (They’re seven and eight, y’all, not seventeen and eighteen.  Show me some grace for not knowing what this should look like!)

I do know that at the end of the day, they both declared this year a success already.  So glad that they’re excited about another year!

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