Resolutions — FREE!

Today I’m in beautiful San Antonio, Texas at Wayside Chapel, sharing with their wonderful MOPS group!  I’m super excited to talk about how we can build authentic communities as moms of young children, to spend time chatting with old and new friends, and to let Wes handle homework time with Ana and Emma back in Pasadena.  (They were quite concerned about my absence before I left, asking me, “Who’s going to take care of us?!”  To which I responded, “You’re Papi’s children, too, you know.”  Blank stares, y’all, blank stares.)
And YOU have something to be excited about as well, friends!  TODAY and TOMORROW, the Kindle version of Resolutions will be FREE on Amazon!  This is a great opportunity to get it and read it or, if you’ve already done both, to tell everyone you know (seriously) to download the book.  Please share this link or a link straight to the book and help me get the word out!
Happy reading, friends!

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